Humboldt's Best Garden Center

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Plants, Plants, Plants!
Landscaping is year around fun in Humboldt! Look and learn!

How To Have Healthy Dogs
Our garden center takes up one whole side of the property. It may not be the largest nursery in these parts (yet), but we think it's the best. We are known for having a large selection of healthy basic plants and also for having unusual plants. In fact, we get lots of compliments on our wide selection of unique plants not found anywhere else in Humboldt County. That warms our hearts.

Our Staff Knows and Loves Gardening

As our customers know, the staff of Fortuna Feed and Garden Center loves everything about gardens and gardening. Our love of growing things drives us to offer the best garden center possible. But it's our customers who motivate us to constantly upgrade our garden center offerings. We've found that folks in Humboldt County want to improve their landscaping for a couple of reasons: 1) to create personal areas for quiet solitude in their own back yard; and 2) to increase the value of their homes by improving landscaping and that first impression curb appeal.

We Hope To See You at Fortuna Feed and Garden Center

So whether you are looking for just the right horse feed, the best fencing solution, a special gift or landscaping supplies, come see us at Fortuna Feed and Garden Center. Oh, and ask at the counter about what we have on sale this week. It's always changing!

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