Blue Buffalo Pet Foods

How To Have Healthy Dogs:

  • Clean water everyday!
  • Clean dog also - wash your dogs often!
  • Exercise - walk them everyday!
  • Brush and groom regularly!
  • Feed them 2 to 3 times per day - healthy food options like BLUE!

BLUE is the pet food named after a pet. Yes, it's true! Blue is an Airedale, the companion of the folks who developed the dog and cat foods named BLUE!

By-products are not a part of Blue. Neither is anything artificial - flavors, colors, preservatives, none of that. Also left OUT are wheat, soy and corn which some pets are allergic to.

What IS in Blue?
Each Blue pet food is made with the real thing - real food that is. Veggies and fruit. Whole grains. Fish, chicken, lamb.

ALSO included is a perfect mix of nutrients and antioxidants - minerals and vitamins known as "LifeSource Bits." These help keep pets healthy and happy, which is why you'll find them at Fortuna Feed & Garden Center.

You love your pets like family, so FEED them like family, with Blue for Dogs and  Blue for Cats from The Blue Buffalo Co. and Fortuna Feed!