The Five Hottest Landscaping Projects

What are the five hottest landscaping projects that bring the best return on investment? Well, our research shows them currently to be:

1. Automated watering and sprinkler systems.
2. Water features (as simple as a birdbath or as complicated as a waterfall, pond and stream).
3. Garden "rooms" with winding paths that lead to hidden areas with benches or chairs for quiet contemplation or for building a pretend fort.
4. Perennials, shrubs and flowers (reds are losing popularity in the garden while lavenders, pinks and purples are the new favorites).
5. Container gardening for perking up a flower bed, patio, window box or entryway.

It Pays To Landscape!

Generally speaking, most research shows the return on investment for landscaping is as high as the return for remodeling a kitchen or adding a bathroom.

The purchase of just one tree is an illustration of this point. If you spend $50 on a savings bond today, it will be worth less than $150 in 20 years. If you plant a $50 tree on your property today, it likely will add $3,000 to the value of your property over the same period of time. Just as with other investments, tree selection and planting must be done wisely. Also, there is no guarantee that past performance will indicate future return. But good landscaping certainly will increase the aesthetics and ultimately the value of your home.